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  • Dance Like and Egyptian
    Deepen your grasp of Egyptian style dance with this unique technique and musicality intensive. Shahrzad will be using the knowledge she's gained during her 6+ years of life and work in Egypt to give students a baseline to identify Egyptian style and how it differs from western belly dance styles. The class will focus around the base movements and musicality of Raqs Sharqi and Raqs Baladi with technique breakdowns, rhythm training, and exploration of musicality with combinations to both classic and popular modern tunes. At lunch Shahrzad will lead a viewing of a variety of videos of Egyptian dancers to check out the dance in action and give some insights into the contexts in which the dance takes place as well as how it has evolved over time.

    6 HR Intensive Price includes Lunch. Payment plan available


    • THIS INCLUDES ALL WORKSHOPS (1 per timeslot) and shows. (This is a savings of $105) PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] your choices. Limited Supply. Payment plan available

    • This is for FRIDAY Classes only and includes Friday Night Show
      Limited Supply Payment plan available

    • This is for SATURDAY classes only and includes Saturday Show Only . Payment plan available. Does not include kids classes


    • Dance Otherworldly: Otherworldly: Slinky choreography with
      emphasis on Arms- Naimah is known for her unique brand of dance she calls Multiversal Movement where the focus is on making art beyond just dance. In this choreography workshop we will move through smooth transitions with extra attention to arm layering to add drama and create otherworldly-like shapes. You will be able to take these movements with you to enhance your technique and presence on stage.

    • A shimmy is a controlled, but relaxed shaking movement or vibration generated by one or more body parts. Hips, chest, shoulders, glutes? Yep, we can shimmy that too! Leilah will compare and breakdown the technique for several different types of shimmies throughout the body. We’ll explore how body alignment, tension vs. relaxation, and muscle control can vary the appearance of a shimmy, as well as play with the concept of layering shimmies on top of other movements. This workshop will introduce newcomers to shimmies, but it’s also a great refresher for more advanced students looking to drill or improve technique.

    • Oriental Technique & Combinations Á la Chudney:
      Technique and combinations go hand and hand. How can you dance a combination if you can’t execute the individual moves? Chudney will break down fresh and challenging moves, drill them, and then strategically place them into dynamic combinations to pull it all together for a polished look. Get ready to rak out as we drill and combo up a sweat!

    • Are you ready to expand your range of chest movements? Are you seeking more technique and drills to get you there? Are you looking for more variety of chest movements to add to your dance repertoire? Then this is the workshop for you! As Bellydancers, we often spend more time on our hip movements rather than other body movements. Executing fluent, bold and proper chest movements is an important and critical subject to learn for all Bellydancers. This training will provide tools for excellent chest combos and posture as well as to help us look and feel more powerful on stage. As a bonus, Angel will also share a few belly fluttering techniques AND costume choices which will assist your new chest movement techniques. Bring a towel, water and WEAR YOUR BEST BRA!!!! HAHA!!!!

    • "Veil Magic" ALL LEVELS! Aziza shares her secrets of creative veil techniques and newest mind bending manipulations.

    • Explore rhythms through a dynamic megance entrance piece. This workshop is jam packed with rich technique, musicality development, and Egyptian dance steps. We will build a short choreography, analyzing each sections rhythm(s) and how to express them musically and dynamically.

    • Syncopated Alchemy: Sophisticated Cymbal Choreography

      Looking for a recipe for dance magic? Donna Eileen’s got your back. Learn how to deconstruct sections of her own Salimpour™ inspired choreography into elemental pieces that you can use in your own special brew. Movements can be learned with or without cymbals, but basic finger cymbal skills are recommended. Donna is an Intermediate 2 formerly Suhaila Level 3 and Jamila Level 3 certified dancer and is currently a candidate for Performance 1 certification. She is pursuing her teaching license for the Salimpour format.

      *Please bring your cymbals to the workshop. Cymbals with two slots for elastic (rather than one) are highly suggested for greater stability and control.

    • Chix Party Mix
      The Lunachix are back and we're ready to party. With a soundtrack called "Cheese Portal" how can this
      be dull? We'll make combos, and monsters, and formations, oh my!
      If you want to get moving, make friends, act ridiculous, be given a nickname, and party Chix style, just
      bring your bodacious body. Extra points if it's your first time at the festival. We want you bad!
      Shenanigans 100% guaranteed. Meet you at the Carousel!

    • Krispy Kleen Isolations: Have you ever watched a video of your performance and felt your isolations were not as precise or clean or as you thought they were? We have all been there! It’s not always about the size or speed of the isolation…it’s often about the control, technique, angles and even the CHOICE of movement based on the musical instrument and pitch of notes we are interpreting within our dance moment. Angel’s informative “Krispy Kleen Isolations” workshop is loaded with tips, tricks and illusion methods to help you clean up and enhance those isolations for a more CRISP and CLEAN statement on stage!

    • Short and Sassy Drum Solo Choreography" Chock full of Aziza signature flair and humor. This workshop will leave you with some crazy combos and a super fun choreo to add to your repertoire!

    • AfroCongo, Amapiano, and Afro styles fusion class. A mix of popular Afropop and traditional African moves to well known Afropop music.

    • What in the Saidi?Do you ever get stuck when a song has a full blown Saidi rhythm section? Do you wish you had
      an assaya? Well guess what. You don’t need one. Get ready to learn some ‘Go to’ combinations sans assaya, and out of the box ways to approach and help you dance through that Saidi wall.
      Great for all levels!

    • (Performance/Logistics) Fake It ‘Til You Make It: A New Performer’s Survival Guide
      Performance anxiety got you down? A preperformance routine can reduce your overall stress
      level so that you can focus on the show. Every performer is different and will therefore have
      different needs. We will walk through designing your unique preperformance routine so that
      you can shine on stage.

      Introduce your children to Middle Eastern culture through Middle Eastern dance! In this class, children ages 6 and up* will learn a choreography inspired by Disney’s “Aladdin,” but set to a real Arabic children’s song called “New Moon.” Those attending both Saturday and Sunday may also perform the choreography with the class on Sunday, so be sure to bring something sparkly to wear on stage, or wear a solid color and borrow costume pieces from Miriam. *Children as young as 4 may also register if they have an older sibling in the class to help them. With an opportunity to show what they learned on stage. If we have a show on Sunday other wise they will perform in their class for their parents

    • Kongolese dance is a core centered, hip rhythmic, and high energy class that focuses on exploring the core. The form experience encompasses ballet traditional social dance, as well as urban social dances (Ndombolo, Soukouss, and fusion AfroCongo styles).

    • (Cymbals/Salimpour-JSBD) Vintage Belly Dance: Jamila Inspired Combos Take your cymbal improvisation to the next level! Learn exercises to build your hand strength and stamina. Explore rhythm concepts, such as beat structure, timing, an syncopation through Salimpour™ inspired combinations and drills that use movement from both the Jamila Salimpour step families and the Suhaila Salimpour techinique and nomenclature. Donna is an
      Intermediate 2 formerly Suhaila Level 3 and Jamila Level 3 certified dancer and is a currently a candidate for Performance 1 certification. She is pursuing her teaching license for the Salimpour format. *Please bring your cymbals to the workshop. Cymbals with two slots for elastic (rather than one) are highly suggested for greater stability and control.

    • Bellydance Rhythms & Songs Workshop with Casey Bond!

      Beginner and Intermediate Level percussion workshop for doumbek or frame drum. (Percussion-curious dancers welcome to play rhythms on doumbek, zills or Turkish spoons!)

      Part One: Start with ten fabulous bellydance rhythms: Maqsum, Khaligi, Saiidi, Malfuf, Masmoudi, Bolero, Moroccan 6/8, Karsilama, Laz and Chiftetelli. Novice/beginners will learn to play basic rhythms, while intermediate drummers tackle fills, transitions and dynamics.
      Part Two: Casey will "conduct" the percussionists as we use the rhythms to play some awesome bellydance songs with Dr. Carmine Guida on oud!

      Pre-registered participants are guaranteed a complete AOTB 2023 Workshop Packet, including an outline, copious rhythm notation hand-outs and contact info. Please bring your percussion instrument and a smile!

    • Bolero Bellydance Fusion:
      NOTE: The “Bolero” used in this workshop is referring to the beautiful Bolero MUSIC of the LatinCaribbean region (not the old Spanish dance from Spain). If you are familiar with Angel’s LatinBellydance Fusion style, you probably know it as sassy and fierce. However, this more elegant “Bolero Bellydance” style will take you on a beautiful journey ranging from romance to sorrow to other over the top emotions. We will explore graceful dance technique to execute lyrical movements, emotional
      suspensions of movements as well as connecting emotionally with the audience to fill THEIR hearts and souls as well as yours!….and of course we will do this through bellydance! Get ready to elongate those limbs, stretch those toes and pour your heart out!

    • Learn to let go and flow with the music! Shahrzad will lead students through a series of snakey technique breakdowns focusing on flowing smoothly between movements and then work into improvisational drills with a variety of taqsim music.

    • "Get There In Style" This workshop will be a deep dive into how to travel onstage. We will start with drilling the basics of walking, 3/4 shimmies, undulations, traveling with isolations, arabesques, and floating. Then take these basics and progress to creative combos and patterns. Bring something to balance on your head!

    • If you have multiple children we will reduce Sunday's class to $10

    • Infinity & Beyond: Don’t get stuck at the “average Maya” or the “Predictable chest figure 8! Join Angel Bellydance for this helpful workshop where dancers can explore new, exciting and challenging ways to ROCK those figure 8’s for a more unique performance. This detailed workshop will leave you with plenty of new figure 8 movements and materials to utilize in your future choreography!

    • ""Fluidity in Transitions" Poise, Presence and Posture! Aziza shares how to capture your audience with quality of movement and magic in transitions.

    • Doumbek Rockstar: Roll, Pop, Slap and Snap!

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