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  • Stagecraft" (Intensive)
    Practical tips and tricks on using the stage to present your performance to its best advantage. Aziza shares over 35 years of performance experience to guide you from concept, to preparation, and finally presentation. Whether its Hafla, restaurant, weddings, festivals, competitions, or student shows. We will cover makeup, costumes, gig bags, etiquette, get the gig/keep the gig, stage presence, and more. Both movement and lecture. Bring a notebook!

  • Improv Team Sync and The Sigil Method (6 hours)

    A dive into the world of Amy Sigil’s group improvisation formats ITS and The Sigil Method. We will be working with new content, new concepts, and new formations. Working the brain and the body while strengthening group communication and team spirit.

    Price includes Thursday lunch & Friday night show

  • Join Casey and Carmine and learn some frame drum and riq (extra instruments can be provided) along with doumbek. You will also learn a few songs that you can/ will PERFORM in the show on Saturday (around 3pm)! Different instruments will get different parts and you'll learn to play as a group for a great full sound.

    Class is 5pm 8pm Thursday


    • THIS INCLUDES ALL WORKSHOPS (1 per timeslot) and shows . THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE INTENSIVES. PLEASE EMAIL [email protected] your choices. Limited Supply. Payment plan available

    • This is for FRIDAY Classes only and includes Friday Night Show DOES NOT INCLUDE INTENSIVE OR SAT CLASSES
      Limited Supply Payment plan available

    • This is for SATURDAY classes only and includes Saturday Show Only . Payment plan available. Does not include kids classes


    • Fiery Fusion Fan Technique -Level: Beginner to Intermediate
      Add some sass and sizzle to your next performance with Fiery Fusion Fan Technique! The fan is an extremely elegant prop that emphasizes beautiful lines and strong hands utilizing flamenco inspiration, and allows you to explore unlimited potential as you unlock the passion of the fan.

    • AndAOne
      Not sure where to start with cymbals? Struggling to find the downbeat? This workshop is great for beginners or intermediate cymbal players who are looking to start their cymbal journey or start fine tuning their musicality and cymbal playing. We still start with an introduction to Jamila Salimpours unique cymbal format and then integrate them into combos to get you moving and grooving in no time. Already feeling confident with your cymbals? Jump in and get some optional layers to challenge your dancing!

      In this class, we will discuss skin care, makeup application dos and don'ts, makeup styles for performance, photography, casual wear, special occasions, and more. We will also strut down our imaginary runway and strike a pose, as well as offer you a guide for facial expressions to up your overall photogenic game. Please bring a notebook, whatever supplies you have for applying makeup, and a clean, fresh face.

    • North African Dance 101 (lecture)
      What is "North African" dance, and what are the dozens of diverse styles found across Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia? What do they look like and what are their customs?

    • DRUM SOLO SECRETS Sadie is known worldwide for her jaw dropping drum solo technique and choreographies. She has been featured on dozens of performance and instructional videos displaying her incomparable skill. In this workshop Sadie will take you through a series of exercises and drills that will break down her signature technique and drum solo secrets to help you develop stunning isolations necessary for fast paced
      drum solo choreographies

    • Al- Khaleej 1.0 (The African experience edition) : "get to know the culture before you get to know the dance" basic class: Khaleeji is more than just what the West think it is.This class is especially formulated in celebration and awareness of people of The African diaspora. I will especially discuss the African foundations in Khaleeji dances that have gone unrecognized or erased from Khaleeji culture and common knowledge. This all includes mannerisms/cultural etiquette, khaleej dance etiquette, religious aspects, historical information, proper attire, musicality / musical instrumentation, and various styles of dress. Getting to know other regions of the gulf, everyday khaleej life and of especially the African experience. Please bring a notebook, a pen, and a snack if you like!

    • Algerian Rai Dance
      This workshop will explore the movement of Raï, the popular music of West Algeria. Raï music is rebel blues - it challenges the religious, the colonial, the social, and the acceptable status quo and therefore has been historically disenfranchised by colonialists and local Algerian nation-state. Despite its marginalization, it has been a symbol of soulfulness, freedom, and groove. Students will learn rai "groove" through rhythmic and fundamental footwork.. (live percussion if available)

    • "Costume and Prop Creation for the Strange and Unusual"
      Costuming informs intent-what story would you like to tell? Let's turn on the idea machine! Learn costume and prop tricks from an engineering perspective, and how to create impactful art from unusual materials. This lecture workshop includes an interactive portion and links to outside resources. A note book is recommended for this all-levels lecture.

    • Creating a beautiful balancing act: an original sword routine
      In this workshop we will learn a full choreography using a sword as the exciting element to mesmerize our audiences! The routine will include slow and sinuous movements, turns on the floor, and a fast and furious section with energy and fire!!! We will break down the most intrincated of steps so you can go home with a good foundation to master them!!

    • Modern Dance for Belly Dancers All levels
      Enrich the dynamic range of your dance and explore new ways to think about movement! While training in western dance forms is by no means a requirement for belly dancers,
      exploring modern dance concepts is a wonderful way to find new approaches to your dance. Kenzie will lead you through a series of movement exercises and we’ll discover how these
      concepts transcend dance style with two short combinations.
      No modern dance/western dance experience is needed for this workshop. All levels of belly dancers will benefit from the concepts presented in this workshop!

    • Vintage Orientale, The Magic of Om Kalthoum
      Learn to dance to the soulful music of Om Kalthoum “Classic” Orientale. This will be a history and choreography based workshop exploring Om Kalthoum’s rendition of Al Atal “The Ruins”, where you will learn combinations, technique and the subtle hallmarks of what comprises the classic interpretation of “The Diva’s” music. You will explore the vintage oriental dance vocabulary and the political, social and creative history that surrounded the dance. Some belly dance experience would be helpful but not absolutely necessary. Handouts will be provided.

    • Choreography 101 Creating Your Own Performance Piece
      Are you intimidated with the thought of writing your own choreography? Do you feel anxiouswondering how you are going to fill a few minutes of music with interesting moves? Have you choreographed a routine but are looking for tips and techniques to fine tune it? Deborah, known for her vibrant and expressive solo and troupe choreographies, will guide you through a variety of tools and techniques to use in creating your own unique routine.
      Bring paper, pen, and your imagination.  This workshop is a blend of lecture and exercises to get your brain juices flowing and your body dancing.

    • "Infringing Foundations"
      Serpentine movements combine into mind melting combinations in this accessible challenge for beginner to intermediate dancers. This delectable bevy of dance-nuggets will culminate in a hypnotic, rib-sticking choreography. Our movement vocabulary will consist of Raqs Sharqi, Fusion, and Contemporary Dance.

    • Afro-Persian Bandari: *a small discussion is included in this segment* In Farsi vs. Persian language , Bandar means “harbor”. This high energy Southern Iranian folk dance from the Persian Gulf not only reflects on ties from the Arabian Peninsula but from traditional African dances that was brought to the Persian Gulf by the work trade. Come learn abdominal movements and undulations, graceful arm and hands movements, with shimmies and fun spins and turns!

    • The days of promoting, “Here are my classes!” are gone, and being everything to everyone doesn’t work in our noisy, social media world. It’s the right messaging that will get you noticed and attract the right people to leverage your dance business!
      In this workshop, Oreet will work with you to get it right
      from the start, whether you are a veteran of social media or just starting out. You’ll get into the nitty gritty of who you want to serve, create your messaging, and then learn how to date your audience with specific types of posts/emails that will enable your audience to trust you so that they will buy from you. You will walk away with content ideas and a plan so that you can promote with confidence. Please bring a notebook, pen, or digital device for notes, and an open mind.

    • LAYER PLAYER- Layering is the ultimate Bellydance skill. To master the art of layering, a dancer must first master Isolation, Precision and Timing. This workshop is a technique intensive designed to tap into the mind/body connections necessary to master layering.
      Sadie's layering techniques and drills will allow all levels of dancers including beginners to start having fun with layers while challenging even the most advanced dancers and teachers. Get ready to be a #1 Layer Player!

    • Move like a snake: how did I became “Kaa” from the Jungle Book for Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution or what transnational-fusion bellydance can bring into your dance.
      In this workshop we will cover all the technique details on how to create and execute the snake-like movements that make transnational fusion unique. Muscle by muscle, step by step, upper-body isolations and lots of arm and hand work will be put together in steps and combinations to mesmerize any audience. Fluidity and smoothness at its best.

    • Turkish Style Bellydance By Berna -Oryantal Dansi
      Characterized by a lively and spirited dancer, Oryantal Dansi or Belly dance in the Turkish style is the stage or nightclub version with which most people are familiar.
      The typical set is usually 5 or 7 parts: A fast entrance, then a slow veil or taxim or floor work, moving into a fast song, then drum solo and an upbeat fast close which can be, but is not always, a 9/8.
      Come explore this fabulous style! Learn dynamic combinations and essential elements that characterize this fiery dance.
      This class is open to dancers of any style. Berna suggests that the dancers have a basic belly dance vocabulary or previous dance experience and want to try something out of the box. Be prepared to have your heart captured with the amazing music, fancy footwork, crisp isolations and power moves of Turkish style belly dance!

      Join Despina for a choreography class featuring a classic old-school Greek song that people dance Tsiftetelli to in the Greek nightclubs, Bouzoukia. The short choreography will be a medley of both vintage and modern belly dance vocabulary. When Despina choreographs to Greek music and instructs her students, she takes them on an immersive journey to feel and experience the music on a profound level. Her goal is to empower her students to dance freely, enabling them to incorporate what they learn from her into their own unique dance journeys. Despina provides the students with the translation/meaning of the music and even teaches a few words to sing along, which is highly encouraged! The choreography taught will consist of mini clusters of movement that dancers can use when dancing in social settings, also partnering up with their dance friends.
      -Dancers will be provided with Despina's Greek music Spotify list so they can practice to later on.

    • Morning Movement and Stretch - Join Mariyah for a morning movement session that will energize, restore and prepare you for a day of dance. Elements of Yoga, Pilates and breathwork will be included. This class is suitable for all levels and modifications will be given. Please bring your own mat

      "Introduce your children to Middle Eastern culture through Middle Eastern dance! In this class, we will hear some humorous Turkish folk tales about the legendary hero Nasreddin, discover what makes Turkish culture so delightful, and learn a simple yet enchanting Turkish-inspired choreography. Children ages 6 and up are invited to register (children as young as 4 may also register if they have an older sibling in the class to help them), and those attending both Saturday and Sunday may also perform the choreography with the class on Sunday. Be sure to bring something sparkly to wear on stage, or bring a solid color tee shirt and leggings and borrow costume pieces from Miriam.”

    • Rhythm Drills for Drums -n- Zills with Casey Bond
      Drummers! Dancers! Bring your Middle Eastern percussion instruments to this world-rhythm workshop for percussionists of all levels! Learn to recognize and play rhythms used for belly dance! Fun, funky, and ever-so- user friendly drills will focus on doumbeks, frame drums and zills, but Turkish spoons and riqqs
      are also welcome here!
      Join the fun as we use the instruments you bring to the workshop to improvise rhythm songs in the moment. Explore the many moods that we can create together. Beginners will play basic rhythms, while intermediate players embellish with finger rolls, slaps, snaps and so much more. Practice transitioning from one rhythm to another and back again. Then feel your confidence grow as you learn to “split rhythms” between zills and doumbeks! Our workshop will conclude with a fun percussion and music jam!

    • The fire of the Spanish gitanas: a Spanish skirt routine (a modern twist for an ancient art). (all levels)
      Have you ever wondered how the gitanas (Spanish women whose dance evolved into flamenco) get to leave everyone speechless when they dance with their skirts? Now you have the chance to find out! In this workshop we will break down the skirt work that united with the arm movements, posture and expression will build up a brand new routine designed to catch the room on fire! Bring a skirt and you best ole!!

    • Old is Gold Vintage Combos - Intermediate/Advanced level
      Join Kenzie for a workshop that is focused on vintage styling! We will travel back in time and explore angles, movement pathways and movement qualities that are reminiscent of Golden Era and vintage belly dance, and put everything together into combinations inspired by some of the most beloved stars from these time periods.

    • American Cabaret Show - Explore the fundamentals of classic East Coast Am Cab style with Turkish influence. Elements of the classic show structure will be explored and combos taught as building blocks for your own unique improvisation. Please bring a veil and zills.

    • "Axial Anthology"
      An open level course that provides an accessible approach to complex layering in Raqs Shaqri Fusion. Soft with sharp, long with short- the WHY of layering difficulties and how to overcome these plateaus at any stage of dancer development. Axial Body, here we come! In this 2 hour deep-dive, we'll explore layering in complex timing, a-typical movement combinations, and articulate pathways. Let's re-vamp the process of building layers efficiently into the muscle memory!

    • "SAMBA FUSION” The Brazilian Samba is one of the worlds most fun and celebrated
      dances! This workshop will break down some of the most popular moves and foot
      patterns in the Samba no Pe`, the soloist dance seen at Rio's Carnaval. We will then
      add those pulsating rhythms and movements to the hypnotic sounds and moves of
      bellydance for one SPICY workshop you don’t want to miss!!!

    • Saidi Sass: a very popular Upper Egyptian folk style can be performed with or without “assaya” a cane or with Sagat “zills”! Learn sassy and modern yet traditionally grounded saidi technique. Saidi technique and combinations will be taught and then strung together to create a longer full choreography. Background and historical information will be gone over to give each dancer a frame of reference for current and past Saidi trends.

    • "Introduce your children to Middle Eastern culture through Middle Eastern dance! In this class, we will hear some humorous Turkish folk tales about the legendary hero Nasreddin, discover what makes Turkish culture so delightful, and learn a simple yet enchanting Turkish-inspired choreography. Children ages 6 and up are invited to register (children as young as 4 may also register if they have an older sibling in the class to help them), and those attending both Saturday and Sunday may also perform the choreography with the class on Sunday. Be sure to bring something sparkly to wear on stage, or bring a solid color tee shirt and leggings and borrow costume pieces from Miriam.”
      If you have multiple children we will reduce Sunday's class to $10

    • Morning Movement and Stretch - Join Mariyah for a morning movement session that will energize, restore and prepare you for a day of dance. Elements of Yoga, Pilates and breathwork will be included. This class is suitable for all levels and modifications will be given. Please bring your own mat

    • "Tasty Technique and Creative Combos" (all levels)
      This back to basics workshop focuses on precision in isolations, range of motion in gooey movements, and power and endurance for shimmies. Then we will apply this technique to Aziza's latest rhythm based combos.Bring a pair of balled up socks!

    • GENERATING and embracing your YES

      You know how I do it all yes all the time! Silent the critic and feed the creation. Tools and methods to get out of the mud and into the joy of creating. See you in the YES!

    • In this workshop, you will learn how to build your own solos and improvisation techniques. You will also learn what the dancer is expecting from you and how to play something interesting and exciting for them. This workshop is perfect for drummers who know the basics. While this workshop is intended for drummers, it is also great for dancers to learn about the drum solo from the drummer's perspective.

    • Algerian Chaoui (Amazigh) Dance
      This workshop will explore a traditional dance from one sub-group of the indigenous people (Amazigh) of North Africa, known as the Chaouiya. This group is home to the region of the Aures mountains in East Algeria. Chaoui dance is maternal and grounded, truly symbolic of this tribe's respect to the divine energy of nature and agriculture. Famously known by the "bounce" of the belly, this style is danced with strong isolations in the pelvis area.
      Students will learn the core isolation of the "belly bounce", fundamental footwork, and create/continue a relationship with Chaoui rhythmic heartbeat.

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